... Lead guitarist Donna Grantis is stupendously gifted – trading licks and lead solos with Prince with an air of utter confidence and impunity.
3RDEYEGIRL, dressed like Tank Girl meets Cavalli, are perfectly tight yet heavy, and guitarist Donna Grantis goes toe to toe with Prince on a double solo for a gorgeously mournful ‘I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man’.
And Donna Grantis: my God, what a woman. Dressed like a sexy robot, the noises she wrung from her guitar all night were amazing. She can solo, play rhythm, take a back seat when it’s Prince’s turn to kick out the jams and boy can she turn up the volume when she needed to.
Donna can whup any man on guitar, bar none.
— Prince (V MAGAZINE)
... Guitarist Donna Grantis wowed the audience, not for her own style but because of her adaptability. Grantis’ guitar tone, technique and showmanship could have been confused for that of Prince himself with eyes closed, demonstrating how tight the musicians in his band are.
Known for her extraordinary technique and soulful playing, Donna Grantis has a style all her own. Seamlessly blending Jazz, Rock N’ Roll and Electric Blues this Canadian guitarist is capturing audience’s attention. Playing her B5 equipped Starla Paul Reed Smith guitar, she has started down the path to being a legend.
Sharing a stage with a virtuoso like Prince can seem intimidating, but Donna Grantis has developed a powerful stage presence and a perfect sense of timing, knowing just when to let her own skillful guitar work take center stage.
Jam-y at the best of times, and in the best of possible ways, Prince has surrounded himself with some jaw-dropping talent. Often characterized as a control freak, he let the others do a lot of heavy lifting including Toronto guitarist, Donna Grantis, who figured heavily in the solo department. How good a guitarist do you have to be for Prince to let you play his iconic solo from Purple Rain? Exactly.
... Grantis alternately echoes whisper-to-a-scream blues snippets of Hendrix, Jeff Beck
and Eric Clapton before exploring feels from metal to jazz.
PLECTRUMELECTRUM, the group’s first full-length album shows off the bombastic playing of Welton, the hard-driving bass lines of Nielsen, and of course the adventurous and inventive playing of Grantis. This alone would make for a formidable trio, but with Prince’s Hendrixian, wah-fueled explorations, the result sounds like Jimi fronting Led Zeppelin with a James Brown swagger.
Growing up outside of Toronto in Mississauga, Ontario, Donna Grantis fell in love with classic rock. She had an electric guitar in her hands by age 14 and an unwavering career dream of being an independent musician. Today she plays guitar in 3RDEYEGIRL, a rock band of all female musicians led by Prince, one of the greatest guitarists in the world.
Beginning, like many of us, as a kid with an acoustic guitar picking out Zeppelin licks, Donna soon proved herself an accomplished guitarist, gained a scholarship in jazz at Montreal’s McGill University and carved out a career as a go-to session player in Toronto’s musical melting pot.
...Guitarist Donna Grantis jams on Rockin’ In The Free World and all I can say is she is beyond badass, blew every single person’s mind and makes this one of the best versions you might ever hear.